My new wheels……!

Well, the retail park called so I had to answer, didn’t I?? Thought I’d give the new chair a good go and according to the man in the shop, I should run it down before recharging it so that was my aim. Every 10 mins or so I was checking the dial, how many lights are still on? Will it last? Will I get stuck in a car park yet again….? The fab answer was… It was great! 4 hours of shopping, only the three green lights had gone! Still got 4 Amber ones lit so keeping it until tomorrow to have another go! So excited, it was so nice to just, well just GO, fab to not stress over how much further can I go, how much longer can I stay, will it run out, will P have to push me home, all those fears didn’t happen, I actually enjoyed the experience and it’s been a long time since I could say that. P and I had an ‘afternoon out’, same as ‘normal’ people I suppose, was a real treat 😅

Have booked to have my nails done tomorrow so really looking forward to it, woo hoo, independence, it’s nice to have you back…….