Pimp my ride!!

Went to collect my new powerchair today! Rascal compact 320, disassembles to go into the car (really can’t afford to change cars at the moment so this is essential!) Huge outlay but hopefully will be much more powerful and go a lot further than my other chair, also is more suitable for being outside, shopping, paths etc so am really hoping that this will see me right for a long long time. This means my independence back I hope, can’t stand being stuck in all the time so got my finger crossed.

Before we left the showroom (Ableworld- fab customer service and a very cheeky chappy with a fab sense of humour😉) I wanted to make sure that the chair was set up just for me so we proceeded to spend a whole hour getting the fm rests right, the height correct and just about every other little bit that you can think about! Never had so time with a man on his knees underneath me…….!

So far though, a very happy bunny, let’s hope it continues…….



One Reply to “Pimp my ride!!”

  1. Fab to see you start this blog – I will look forward to reading it!


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