My film debut…….

It all began with a phone call from a lovely lady at the National Osteoporosis Society. Apparently I’d put a comment onto a post and it had come to their attention. We had a long conversation about what had happened to me and my ‘journey’ with osteoporosis and would I be willing to maybe appear as a case study in their magazine? Obviously I said I was happy to help, put the phone down and didn’t really think anything more of it.

Next thing I know, two days later, the phone rang again with the request ‘would I mind being interviewed on Radio Wales about the affect that osteoporosis has had on me?’ Wow, wasn’t expecting that! More was to come, in the same conversation was the question ‘would you also do the same thing in Welsh for Radio Cymru?’ Woo hoo, a chance to speak Welsh again, I was thrilled to do it! Next thing I knew, researchers were ringing to discuss the questions with me and off we went! A totally new experience but great fun!

A couple of weeks later, I had a request to be involved in a promotional video for the Society again, obviously I agreed again. This time it was a whole day with the lovely Dom (from the society), the fab Ed (cameraman) and the equally great Tom (editor). After a few discussions, we started the filming with an interview, then they filmed various other things in the house, garden and a few cheeky shots in the retail park!

I said I’d say on my blog that they were all young, tall and devastatingly handsome which of course they were………….. (Tee hee…!)

It was a fab day, loads of fun and great to meet people with a real understanding of what I had gone through. It was amazing to be part of something that could raise awareness of osteoporosis. The weird thing was, through all the serious stuff, top of my mind was ‘does my hair look alright?’ (Anyone who knows me, knows my constant battle with my curls 😂). Thankfully, my gorgeous sister Ang had used her magic hands to make it presentable, well, a girl has to think of these things eh……….?

It’s been a tough two years but really trying to get myself back together and this film was a good way to get it all out, I needed to ‘tell my story’ I think. So many people when hearing that all my problems stem from osteoporosis, will tell me that ‘all you need is a tablet, my Mam/gran/auntie has that’ and it’s so much more than that. I needed to show how devastating it could be, how I’m not the stereotypical ‘old lady’ and how you need to be much more aware of osteoporosis than you think. The National Osteoporosis Society has been a great source of information for me and is definitely the first port of call if you are ‘bone curious’

The video winged its way to me yesterday so thought I would share it with you plus a few blurry photos of the film guys……..



The gorgeous film crew……….  😘