Dam, dam, dam……!!



With just under four weeks to go to the ‘wheelchair wedding’, we needed a break. I say the ‘royal we’ as I think P needed a bit of time away from all the girly stuff that seems to have surrounded him lately! So off to Mid Wales we went for a weekend away, hopefully to give us some time to relax and chill out before the craziness begins again!

Let’s go get some fresh air” says I, “let’s look at the Elan Valley?” says P, “can we get a cuppa and a cake at the visitor centre?” says I (hoping that he’ll forget that we’re supposed to be on a strict pre-wedding diet!) He grinned and gave me a conspiratorial wink which hopefully meant “why not” instead of “no chance“!

So into the visitor centre we went and chatted to a lovely bloke at the counter, he not only showed us where the coffee and cakes were but also the trails and get this – some of them were wheelchair accessible! That bought a tear to P’s eye (not because he was overcome with amazement that I could at last join him on a little trek) but, as he so eloquently put it “oh my god, I bet you’re going to make us go and try it now aren’t you!”

Oh yes readers, I was definitely up for this, fresh air, seeing what the tracks were like with the promise of a piece of carrot cake at the end of it was too much to turn down!
From the centre, the weather was fine and looked quite warm but the wind was blinking freezing! The path was actually really good as far as I could see, it was all tarmacked and wide enough to get through. The gates were also doable for me, not too difficult to do from the chair and the views at the top, overlooking the dam, were fantastic.

Whilst I would’ve loved to go on, the battery was winking at me so we had to turn around and head bark for the cafe. (Note to self – next time I have a spontaneous “let’s go explore the trails” moments, check that the batteries are fully charged…….)

So it was with a real ‘yes I can‘ feeling we settled into the cafe and enjoyed the well deserved cake and coffee – well P deserved it, he had done a gazillion steps whilst I just went on ahead and laughed at him!

We decided that the challenge next time has to be with a full battery and see how far we can go, it’s been fabulous discovering a place we can enjoy together – plus it has a fabulous cafe so why not eh? Who knows where next eh……??