It was a bloody brilliant day……!


What more can I say……….? Well, knowing me as you do by now, quite a lot actually!

So the hen nights were over, the “Bottomless Prosecco Brunch” was a triumph; I had a Police escort around Cardiff Bay, the wheelchair karaoke was incredible and all the ‘oooh, look at me, I’m a hen‘ stuff was finished. 8B27CCD2-12A2-4748-A029-D1D12F50AF94The last minute measurements were taken, the orders of ceremony had been delivered and the final numbers, food requirements and choice of pudding (mmm, profiteroles) had been given to the hotel.

All that was left was to get me and three bridesmaids, six suitcases and four filled dress covers to the cottage where the bridesmaids and I were spending the night before the wedding. Strangely enough, it all went very smoothly; no last minute issues with space and everyone was still smiling at the end of the journey! (Mind you, if they wanted to do more than just breathe shallowly then there might have been in trouble but my gorgeous girls did it all with aplomb.)

We settled in, went to check that all the boxes that had been delivered earlier were there, sorted them all out with our wedding coordinator Jen ( and headed for the bar for a pre-pre-pre-wedding night drink. Just me and my gorgeous daughter, it was a IMG_0570moment of calm that we both definitely needed. We then joined all the ‘girls’ for a celebratory pre-pre-wedding meal and went back to the cottage to do the obligatory pre-wedding toenail painting (thanks Jo!) and crashed out for the night!


OMG, what the hell is happening? I can’t hear anybody moving! We’re late, I’ll miss my own bleeding wedding! How am I am going to get out of bed if nobody’s up?” were my very first thoughts when I woke up – but it only took a couple of seconds before I realised that it probably had something to do with the fact that it was something like 5.30am and no one else was awake!
Having checked my phone to make sure the alarm was still on, I went back to sleep. Still, I only managed to doze on and off until 7 so I took that opportunity to just relax and take in the day. This was it, the day I’d been working on for blinking ages, this was the day!

Thankfully, darling daughter was awake too now so the getting out of bed, getting the bridal underwear on (Spanks obvs, very seductive eh! Other forms of shape wear are available….) and dressing could begin. The makeup and hair lady arrived and we all calmly set about our transformation into a bride and bridesmaids. After that, it all was a blur of airbrushing foundation, eyebrows, lashes and drop dead gorgeous “Endlessly Elegant” lipstick. By the time I 2AB2A3B5-DC02-4F0C-8F77-E9720C1782C2even got to the ‘putting on the dress’ stage, all three girls were done and I had three (already beautiful) bridesmaids who were now transformed into the most stunning model-like goddesses. WOW! There were more than a few tears in my eyes when I saw how incredible they looked. They picked up this posies and laughed, smiled and posed for the photographer and then it was time to go!


The ever wonderful Jen was there at the door with her able assistant Jordan; it was time to get this #wheelchair wedding bride into the ceremony room. As imagined, it wasn’t the easiest thing ever but with Jen holding the left hand side gathers of my dress and Jordan holding the other half and the train we started out. Slowly, carefully and ever so hesitantly we wheeled what seemed like a mile but was only a 100 yards to the door of the room via a cobbled path and a few random bushes! We must have been an hilarious sight, me sat serenely (yeah, really?) in my chair with someone either side crouching down virtually to the floor making sure that none of the dress got caught in my wheels, but thankfully we got there without any major casualties. (Not sure how Jen managed to look so good after literally being dragged through a hedge but I take my hat off to her!)

I was determined to make it up this aisle anyway I could but the minute I got to the door, saw IMG_3007my son who was accompanying me (for ‘accompanying’ read ‘holding me up so I don’t fall over and make a prat of myself’) my legs were like jelly and I couldn’t get out of the wheelchair . I felt so annoyed with myself and sat for a few seconds more, got myself calm then with the help of darling son, I managed somehow to stand. With a big deep breath and a determination not to cry my eyes out, off we went. Thankfully, after what felt like an age, I made it IMG_2962to the table, P was there and so was Jeff, our wonderful registrar and between them they lowered me into the chair. Mission accomplished! After that, it was a huge blurry combination of holding hands (with P not Jeff…) love, tears, kindness, smiles and just wonderful happiness.
The sun beamed on us, we managed to take photos by whipping the wheelchair in and out of shots, my crutches (covered completely in sequins obviously) sparkled and when it was time for the meal, we all went inside and stuffed our faces with amazing food.

My secret present to P went down a storm, both with him and everyone else. I had hired some ‘singing waiters’ ( and they were better than even my expectations! To see so many people smiling then laughing then crying at their wonderful renditions really made my day.


There’s so much more to write but suffice it to say that the band IMG_0560( who played in the night were phenomenal and to dance (well, if swaying slowly whilst clutching a crutch in one hand and hanging onto P for grim death qualifies as ‘dancing’?) in the arms of my darling man to our favourite song whilst the sun went down was truly magical.

What more can I say?

Nothing, it just truly was a bloody brilliant day………….! ❤️❤️❤️