I’ve been on the telly……!!!

Do you want to be on a new Channel 4 property show…..??”     Ummmmm……

Its called Best of Both Worlds?”  Ooooooooo………

“It’s hosted by Lucy Alexander……!”              

“Hell yes” was my swift reply “But how?………..?”  F689DBA1-E96A-4B28-8192-0BCA1EB3B3C4

As with most of my ‘incidents’, this one began with me being nosey. I was looking through a forum used by people with chronic pain and I saw a request from one of the contributors asking if anyone was looking to change homes and fancied being on the TV at the same time? Well, obviously that got my interest straight away and I wrote back to her giving all the information on our situation. You know, the fact that a three bedded semi doesn’t really work to someone who uses a powerchair a lot of the time and needs help to get up the stairs!

After forgetting about it for a while, I suddenly had a phone call from a lovely man called James, once it was established that he was from the TV production company and not trying to sort out my PPI, we started to chat. He wanted us to do a Skype interview/audition for the programme as they would love to have us on their new show “Best of Both Worlds”! Oooh, that was a real shock, right out of the blue and after about 5 milliseconds of discussion, we agreed right away!

To cut a rather long story short, we passed the audition stage and ended up on a cold and dreary February morning at a local hotel to meet the crew and start the filming. We went to the first property and whilst we were getting ourselves ready, the lovely Lucy Alexander arrived! Well, what a professional – she knew exactly what to do, what to say, how to describe everything, you could tell that she’d done it a million times before. She was also a very nice person; chatty and friendly, just what we needed to calm our nerves and just get on with it. It didn’t take long before we felt very comfortable with her and all the guys there. As filming progressed, the magic of tv became apparent to us – all the tricks, the lighting, the filming angles so that it didn’t show the holes in the road or the very obvious three big steps in front of the bungalow that my wheelchair would appear to ‘fly’ up al la Dalek…….  CDE5D3A6-3133-4B6E-893E-96D4C1F859F9

It was the most random feeling though, standing outside someone’s house with a camera crew, lighting people, runners and a well known celebrity discussing their home and trying not to be critical in any way. People were stopping in the street to watch, they came over to get selfies and the whole day was totally surreal! The properties in our budget were too small really to work for us in the long term – we needed to ‘futureproof’ our new home, somewhere that would work both now and in the future. So whilst we didn’t pick any of the properties, we certainly learned exactly what we didn’t want and realised that the budget somehow had to be stretch a bit further to get us our future proof home.

Sitting back in the hotel where we started our day, having a well earned glass of vino, we reflected on it all. We’d learned so much, what to look for, what to avoid, what kind of ‘view’ could I live with but most of all to be more confident and really look at places with my ‘futureproof’ head on.

Once every shot was done, all the necessary ‘nodding shots’ were captured (the shots they use to edit between one person talking and another – think Joey Tribbiani’s “smelling the fart” acting and you’re not far off) the obligatory selfies with presenter and crew and the last chink of a “cheers” from the wine glasses, it was all over and home we went.

And that was it, until last week when they aired the programme. Now, we hadn’t forgotten about it of course but to realise that it would actually be on the telly, that actual people were going to watch the actual show and that actual friends and family would watch it too, well, aaaarrrrggggghhhhh…….!!

We decide we would record it, then watch it through our fingers, by ourselves in the living room so we wouldn’t have to be around actual people. But Wimbledon was on as well so we made excuses and put it off to watch the tennis. We couldn’t escape though; 5 minutes before it started, I had messages from various family members saying things like

‘ooh, you’ll be on in a minute, can’t wait!’,

‘I’ve got it to record, don’t want to miss any of it!’

and from my sister, the classic…..

‘I hope you’re all ready, wonder what your hair’s going to look like!’

Terrific, as if I wasn’t nervous enough, now I had to worry what the hell my bloody hair looked like too!

So through clenched fingers we watched and with a sigh of huge relief at the end, decided that we didn’t look too stupid, my double chin only made a few appearances and actually my hair looked ok!

Listening to it though, I had never actually realised quite how strong my Welsh accent was (do I really sound like that every day…!!)  and how, when I’m nervous, I come out with very deep and meaningful statements like “it’s a case of head over heart…… and heart over head” (Really Lynley, is that the best you can do…..?)

So thanks to the wonderful @LucyAlexanderTV and all the crew, we had a great day and learnt a lot at the same time. Now it’s just a question of when my next TV appearance will be? Question time maybe? I have many more deep and meaningful statements to share with the world……….. !


If you fancy watching the whole marvellous hour then you can find us at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/best-of-both-worlds/on-demand/65171-013

If you’re curious about Osteoporosis, watch the link below on how the National Osteoporosis Society helped me at