That’s it, time to slow down……

After what seems like weeks of bungalow hunting, we retreated this week to the blissful quietness of the caravan. I was definitely in the mood for some one level living. We had seen small bungalows, (too small), large ones (too expensive), medium sized ones (right price but weird area) and even bungalows with steps! Steps to the living room, steps down to the hall and many with steps to the upstairs. Who knew? It turns out that it’s still a bungalow even if it has steps to the upstairs (yeah, I know, I didn’t get that either, I thought bungalow equals NO upstairs but hey ho) So as you see, it’s been a very busy and weird time. Thinking about buying your ‘forever’ home when you’d thought you were buying your ‘forever’ home last time has been a bit strange; trying to get my head around that one has been tricky I don’t mind admitting. That even though this move has come about because of my fracture and resulting disability, I was now looking for the place that, this time, really WAS our ‘forever’. And it’s been difficult; difficult for many reasons, both emotionally and practically.

As anyone who has been through a house move knows, one of the worst things is falling in love with somewhere only for it to be sold beneath your nose or taken off the market. How are you supposed to find the ‘forever’ place if people sell the ONE place we both liked, in the right area, for the right price, the day after you view it? And don’t get me started on the one with all the adaptations, wetrooms, grab handles and ramps with a no maintenance Astro-turf lawned garden (every single box ticked there!) that was sold straight away two days after we’d rocked up there, I mean, how many other cripples needing this bungalow are there out there? Seriously?

Then there were the ones which we thought were perfect but on second viewing had sprung cracks in walls and crumbling stonework and really obvious problems that the nicely tidied up first visit did show.

And then there was THE one; the one with the neutral decor, the open plan feel, the super posh induction hob and IPhone-controlled central heating that the guy promised he’d hold it for us then sold it to his mate the next day. It’s not been fun I can tell you.

So, this was when we decided that enough was enough; reality had to prevail and we had to stop the viewings, no more until we had a firm offer on the house. P had been driving us around to the most ridiculous places – from Llandrindod Wells to Aberaeron and from Bridgend to Cwmafon and whilst he did it all without any real complaint (well, he complained rather a lot actually but always said ‘yes’ through gritted teeth eventually) his now husbandly foot was put down and the viewings stopped.

I must admit that I really didn’t mind, I was exhausted both mentally and physically and any kind of pain management I had well, managed, was all over the place now. So I was a combination of exhausted grumpiness, mentally frustrated-ness and as miserable as sin popping pills like they were going out of fashion trying to get from one viewing to the next. So some timeout was very much welcomed by the two of us.

So, it was a week of peace and quiet, lounging and IMG_2428reading on my very favourite recliner chair, many many naps and lots of just ‘me’ time. It was rather nice actually, it put my head back on straight, got my pain back under some kind of control and gave me the chance to make a IMG_4334new friend into the bargain. Now I’ve never been a feline fan but a black cat called Norman changed all that. What he was planning to do with his day I have no idea but I’m sure it didn’t involve sitting next to a very stressed out caravan owner but sit with me he did. He sat by my feet, he sat by my knees and he eventually sat on the seat next to me and just, well just stayed there! He didn’t particularly want anything else it seemed, just like flopping and anyone who knows me, knows how much I like flopping too so it seemed that Norman and I were destined to be floppy balcony buddies.

Am I ready to get back into the house hunting fray? Not yet but you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be right back there when the man from Del Monte says “yes”……..!!!