OMG, this house hunting is proving tricky…..!

Well, this week was interesting to say the least! After my little break, supposedly to recharge the batteries and take a step off the house hunting roundabout, my new friend Norman the cat and I decided I wanted to change tack – “Lets go look at different areas” says I, “ok” says P with a vaguely disguised grimace (one which he thought I didn’t see) but reluctantly he agreed to at least humour me.

It turned out to be a day of discovery and a day of learning lessons into the bargain…..

Firstly, there was a trip to a bungalow with a beach 15 IMG_0912minutes away, beautiful views and excellent layout – in fact a dream home. All the right rooms, conservatory, oak kitchen, it just went on and on! It was perfect, we just wanted to explore the area first before making the offer. Unfortunately, half an hour later, somebody else walked in and agreed with all our findings and bought it on the spot. So much for taking time to consider things, lesson number two learnt, if you like it, don’t hesitate and put the bloody offer in there and then!

(Lesson number one was learnt slightly earlier when trying to enjoy said beach – remember to make sure your flipping wheelchair is FULLY charged BEFORE setting out for a day out exploring”! ) So a long planned trip along the prom, then to the cafe for fish and chips ended up being a 10 yard stroll, then panic, pushing and not a bit of food anywhere!

After that came a bungalow with a secret garden IMG_0913but in a place (again) we didn’t know well but considered it too far away, (lesson three – check GoogleMaps before viewing) the next with huge rooms, enough space for everyone and even a room for a pool table apparently! Unfortunately, it was also in an area with a dodgy crime rate (lesson four – check before choosing the area) Then there was the one near an airport in a IMG_0914supposedly ‘good’ area but with a derelict shop next door and far too much wood panelling and hard work ahead for my taste. (Lesson five? – when it is absolutely everywhere, including the ceilings, then it’s just too much hard work ahead!)

Lesson six was to stop being so ambitious and not book so many viewings in one day; by the time we got to the last place, I was lying down on the front seat of the car overdosing on the codeine) P gently suggested that maybe next time, one or two would be enough?

His advice heeded, we took some time off again,IMG_4454 I needed to stop and allow the pain to be controlled again before attempting any more viewings. Norman the caravan cat and myself became acquainted yet again!

So once I felt better, the searching continued, and continued, and continued. You’d honestly think we were looking for the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow. Mind you, sometimes I think that would be easier to find! But who knows, maybe the right place is just around the next corner……..


(Stock photos used for the bungalows, everyone deserves their privacy!)