During this lockdown, where is the support and is help over the phone enough?

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Even as we come slowly out of lockdown, we still have virtually no ‘hands on’ help available to those of us who might be struggling. In this post, I look at what help is available, where you can find it and if it can be of use.

How do people with disabilities view the lockdown?

Last week, I had a large response to my post “Are disabled people missing out when it comes to the COVID vaccine?” with many people expressing concerns about how the … Continue reading How do people with disabilities view the lockdown?

Are all disabled people ‘registered’? Am I…….??

“Are all disabled people ‘registered’? Am I…?

A new blog post about pigeonholing disabled people and that road it could lead down……..

Happy New Year, we are all worthy…..

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Time to dig in now, we’re nearly there, the vaccine is coming. But we have to stay strong; we cannot let any of our loved ones be undefended – we are ALL worthy of living. 😘