Happy New Year, we are all worthy…..

First of all, Happy New Year to all my readers! I’ve missed talking to you and I’ve missed having you to speak with so hi guys, welcome back!

Well, what a year eh? How did you look back at yours? Hopefully with a big sigh of relief that you came through it unscathed like I did. But I know that I’m amongst the lucky ones; I know how so many of you will be looking back with teary eyes and grief, remembering those who you have lost during that dreadful dark time.

Since New Year, the mood of my home echoed the country’s; we were waiting to see what was to happen next. Here in Wales we had been in virtual lockdown since December 20th, although many people felt that that was the wrong thing to do. Not too much longer, along came jolly old England, Scotland and NI to join us in lockdown. The mood of the country has darkened still further since the schools closed as well, we’ve been here before, we knew what to expect, we had done this twice already, so most of us fell in line and obeyed the orders given.

No school

No unessential shopping

No office

No travelling

No mixing with others who are not in your bubble

So many ‘No’s‘ and still the numbers climb…….

But it’s “only flu” shout some people. It only affects “old” people, it doesn’t hurt the youngsters, or the twentysomethings with their gym fit bodies, well so some people believe.

As a disabled woman, this attitude really scares me. When did our community decide that one sector are ‘worth‘ less than others? When did we ‘give up‘ on our elderly? When did we think that anyone over 50 or with a learning disability were an ‘acceptable loss?

Or that, as I read somewhere this week, we should just lock away the old, the infirm and the vulnerable and let the ‘rest of us‘ get on with it?

Whatever your views, we have to stick together, whoever we are. We have to abide by the guidelines or we are going to be stuck in this crazy cycle of madness for a long time to come.

In March, we were in it all together. Where did that go………?

We are all worthy, no matter what colour, creed, disabilty or faith. We need to cling ever closer to each other, not split into different factions who believe hugely varying different beliefs.

We are so nearly there now. The vaccine programme is progressing, my own NHS hero, my daughter and her team were busy last weekend and vaccinated 864 local over 80’s last weekend.

The answer is coming my friends; we just have to keep believing and keep caring for our neighbours.