An Armpit Vagina? WTF is that…….?

One of the few advantages of sitting out of the way, not helping with the craziness that is packing for our imminent move is the fact that I can catch up with the fab programme that is Loose Women. (A real guilty pleasure of mine!) As usual they go through their guests and the topics… Continue reading An Armpit Vagina? WTF is that…….?

Not waving but drowning…….

Oh my god, this morning has completely killed me. What was I doing? I hear you cry? I wish I could say that I’d done a load of housework, shopping, had met friends for coffee, and still managed to get back for lunch but nope, all I’ve done this morning is get out of bed before… Continue reading Not waving but drowning…….

Have we moved in yet? Have we, have we….??

Someone asked me yesterday "how’s the move coming on? When you off?"? I shrugged my shoulders and gave the answer that I’ve given to everyone I’ve spoken to in the last fortnight "Soon hopefully?, Any day now, just waiting for the paperwork to be finished" I said, as cheerfully as is possible through gritted teeth… Continue reading Have we moved in yet? Have we, have we….??

I think we’ve found it…..!!

Let’s not get too hopeful but...... I think we might have found THE new bungalow! Yippeeeeee! Ok, now with good advice, I must calm down and not get too excited just in case it falls through (god, I hope I don’t jinx this!) but I think we’ve found the place we’ve been searching for, for… Continue reading I think we’ve found it…..!!

A few ‘interesting’ days……..

You know when you're a little child and you think about what you want to do in your future? Some girls would've said they wanted to be famous models or singers or nurses or dancers, some boys said they wanted to be train drivers or astronauts or body builders or drive a tractor. Being famous… Continue reading A few ‘interesting’ days……..

A bad day, access-wise!!

As the househunting continued, we had to organise a solicitor to do the conveyancing. As they are based in the next town to us, where I used to live, we thought we'd make an afternoon of it. The sun was shining, the weather was good and we found a Blue Badge parking spot straight away… Continue reading A bad day, access-wise!!