Have we moved in yet? Have we, have we….??

Someone asked me yesterday “how’s the move coming on? When you off?“? I shrugged my shoulders and gave 283BF25B-8190-48DF-ABC0-A4A27AFE0234the answer that I’ve given to everyone I’ve spoken to in the last fortnight “Soon hopefully?, Any day now, just waiting for the paperwork to be finished” I said, as cheerfully as is possible through gritted teeth and a forced smile.

But the reality is that we are in complete limbo; we don’t have a completion date yet. And why is that such a problem? Because we can’t get the packers in to pack us 78923F04-A5DA-4D68-B9D5-7A489A3ABE1Aup until we have a date, we can’t get people over to help without a date, we can’t get our numerous boxes down from their hiding place in the attic without a date and I can’t stop struggling through my pain every single bloody day to get up and down these stairs without a date. It’s like I can see the finishing line but have to wait, painfully, just short of the line.

Today is typical. I’m sat here while darling daughter and P are rummaging, sorting, and generally doing all the work for this bloody move. I started helping but the no bending, not able to stand up bit was of no use so P has had to step in and take over. I just hate not being able to help, sitting and watching others struggle is not in my nature but this pain is so bad that I just have to give up and give in. Much as I want to get stuck in and get this thing moving, I simply can’t and the realisation that I’m about as useful as the proverbial chocolate teapot is really pi#*ing me off.

To be fair, most of the stuff is getting done, we’re nearly E6486DCC-7D85-4A95-BBC9-73C0A037AA5Ethere, all the paperwork is done, searches have been done and the survey didn’t fling up anything too scary. So in theory we’re on the verge of actually, at last, moving to our bungalow.



Everything is moving so slowly, as anyone who’s ever moved knows, one simple question that needs answering CC03129C-DCA8-4208-A1F3-7DEBE3FB61DDcan take a fortnight to be officially answered. In these days of emails and that magical invention – the telephone, it’s amazing how long these things take! We even offered to physically take the letters from one solicitors to the other to save time on posting but that didn’t seem to go down very well! So it’s back to snail mail and just more waiting.

So here we are, waiting…….

And waiting………………………………

And waiting……………………………………………..


And still we wait, now I’m not so good at waiting so I’m taking some inspiration from one of my favourite films. In the immortal words of Dory in Finding Nemo, we’ve got to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and eventually we will reach the promised land………


Ps. The bitterest irony……

With all this stress and unknown stuff, you’ll never guess what’s just come back onto the market today? Oh yes, C2EE082E-04D3-4953-A6FE-90672499AAE5you’ve guessed it!

THE BUNGALOW WE LOST IN THE FIRST PLACE ………!!!   Aaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh!