An Armpit Vagina? WTF is that…….?

One of the few advantages of sitting out of the way, not helping with the craziness that is packing for our imminent move is the fact that I can catch up with the fab programme that is Loose Women. (A real guilty pleasure of mine!) As usual they go through their guests and the topics for discussion, the trend for ‘upside down Christmas trees’ is not gaining favour with the studio audience nor the panel and who knows what the hell that ‘vibrating glass candy cane’ is for. But the next topic was a 7E11897C-4806-4FFA-A207-C9052FF8AC70real ‘wtf‘ moment – the ‘armpit vagina’, whatever the fudge that is! They go on to explain that this is the new and latest way in which us women can hate ourselves. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with; let’s not forget our cellulite, the legendary ‘thigh gap‘ and the amazing fact that our faces actually age so we need Botox/cosmetic surgery (shock, horror!)

A78CCD4E-D17D-4188-8563-071C0376055ESo yes, there is a thing called an armpit vagina! It’s the bit of skin where your armpit meets your torso which can then look like a ladies private parts and is THE thing that the celebrities worry about these days. I did what I normally do when faced with such a dilemma and Googled it. (Is that an actual verb? Is there an action ‘to Google’? Mmmm…)

Anyway, according to the answers, stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray told the Times all about this so-called 5B6339D7-8456-420A-AACA-7B21A50A5B65‘problem’ this week – this armpit vagina is top of the list of things that celebs dread these days, even more worrying than the ‘side-boob’ or your Spanx being seen. Apparently Jennifer Laurence started it all off by saying to reporters: ‘I know I have armpit fat, it’s OK… it’s armpit vaginas.‘ And if you’re still confused, I’ve drawn a circle around the offending article in the photos for you!

So now those poor old celebs have to worry about this too, flipping heck, how much more are these poor dabs supposed to put up with?

So, whilst this has been a hilarious distraction, it really 17AF45A2-01A6-40A4-BC6C-5A3639150141does make you think is this really the worst thing that could happen? How superficial are we these days? I’m sat here watching men heave my dresses, my saucepans and everything else in my life into boxes and now we’ve just found out that our movers now cannot move us at all and our moving date just seems to be getter further and further away so forgive me if a bloody ‘armpit vagina‘ doesn’t top my list of things to stress about…..!!

What the actual f#*# else can go wrong now…………???

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail….. Mail