WE’RE IN……………..!!!!!

OMG, this is crazy!

Found our brilliant forever home new bungalow? Check!

Pack and label every possession we own? Check7C703A6E-2F07-41F6-A350-710164BD4522

Eat takeaways every night with borrowed plates and cutlery ‘cos you’ve packed yours? Check!

Get delayed and postponed whilst solicitors faff about? Check!

Eventually get a definite day and then find out your removals people have given your slot to someone else because of said postponement? Check!

Spend a whole hour ringing every single removal company to find someone who has a slot? Check!

Try not to sound pi**ed off when they all laugh at you and say “what? The week A1C1B3BE-8AB1-4211-98A0-4F19AEA453AAbefore Christmas? You must be joking!”? Check!

Eventually find a removal company and literally beg them to do it? (even offering sexual favours – surprisingly that didn’t help?) Check!

Stress for a week in case they change their mind? Check!

Call in every favour, every friend, anyone to help? Check!

Try and support my wonderful P who has done all this virtually single-handed? Check!

Take any and every Pain meds that comes to hand ? Double check!

Finally get the keys to the new place and after a whole day of crazy to-ing and fro-978B876F-BFE2-45E9-A7CB-E7224E77CEB0ing, open bottle of fizz? Double, triple check….!!!

Flippin ‘eck! This was an experience never to be repeated; with all the packing, the boxes, the stress, the bloody pain and the not knowing what the bleeding hell is going on, I think we’d be certifiable to go through it all again. The boys from the removals company were fantastic, ably led by the fabulous Sam, they got our stuff in with loads of fun and laughs. But the main thing is we’re in now, in a totally chaotic state, but WE’RE IN!.

17CF73BA-892D-4D05-88E5-950CC048B520Some would say that we’re already certifiable as we’ve now arranged to get the carpets delivered and fitted on Wednesday, the new settees delivered on Thursday and the pictures put up on Friday as well as getting the Christmas presents wrapped and the Christmas tree erected! (Plus I haven’t had the chance to get my hair A1DF9A35-C1CC-4F88-99C2-A6BEAEB25F89and nails done either!)

I am currently sat on my ‘old lady’s chair‘ watching three men trying to hang a picture in my now empty living room. It’s so frustrating but I can’t help them, I’m really struggling with my pain levels since we moved in (quelle surprise eh!) so I can’t do anything but supervise and shout the occasional order from time to time! (Not much different from usual then really!)


So with the holiday season almost upon us, it’s time to just get as much done as we can, light the fire and then say ‘bugger it, this is as good as it gets‘, relax amongst the jumble of our new home and just breathe …………..

                  Nadolig Llawen i chi gyd!                              Merry Christmas to you all!