What a year…..!!

What would your highlight of the year be Mam?” asked my son today as we were driving (we do a lot of talking in the car…) and like everybody else today, I found myself 0FB54A58-FAE7-46F3-8F2A-F063C48E2107thinking about this last year.I found myself straight back to this time last year, in a hotel in Llanelli making a vow, a promise, a hope that this next year would be better and a positive one.

We had suffered through two whole years of misery; becoming disabled, in constant pain and losing the career I loved – the ever lovely P and I decided that we couldn’t stay in the pit we found ourselves in, that we had to go forward with a smile and just bloody well keep going.

With all this in mind, the first thing we decided to do was 7457B736-B260-4B97-811F-944AF5089E6Eset a date for our wedding! We’d put it off long enough, wheelchair or no wheelchair, it was time to plan a future. And plan a future we did – in short we managed to squeeze in a wedding, a house sale and finally finding our dream bungalow all into 12 short months. If that’s not a feat to be proud of, I don’t know what is!


So at the end of 2017, to answer my son’s question, I E8F7ACD4-418C-4566-B455-D2E594CD1B4Efound it so difficult to pick out just one, the year has been littered in wonderful memories. Memories of amazing friends who played ‘Willy Bingo’ 7F5FDB8A-237C-4C24-A5AE-8BA70E3EFE68with me in a pub in Canton for my hen night, memories of my fantastic family, sisters who came wedding dress shopping with me, a daughter who organised a hilarious hen weekend, 038DDA1B-9D43-4D16-A943-03F070F449B3blissful holidays, crazy fun making tv programmes house hunting with the stars B270960E-C8DD-4BDE-ACFA-1C43FB80A2A9and of course, the most amazing memories of all – our beautiful wedding day.






Once the wedding was over, it was time to really push ahead and find this seemingly EDE83D15-4FF7-4AF6-AB31-066445964B9Fimpossible accessible home…..until we found it! Months dedicated to searching, sorting and packing resulted in finally finding it, hardFB462B7D-EE0D-446C-9245-C18874AF157B work or luck, I don’t care what made it possible, I’m just grateful we found it. It’s been tough; emotionally certainly and so very tough physically but we’re here and I couldn’t be happier.






All of these wonderful memories would not have been possible without a huge amount of help, support and love from many people but none of them would be possible without one very special person – my wonderful P. He is the rock that I cling to and stand on everyday and I love him for that.

So, here’s to a Happy New Year to us all- to all my friends who have been beside me E05DB52A-3CB3-446D-B4F7-D46D90962F74all the way this year, to my wonderful family and to those of you who have supported me by reading my scribblings, (over 6,500 of you!!) I thank you from the bottom of my heart, wherever you may be, I love you all!