“How’s the building work going…..??”

How’s the building work going……???”

This is a question I have been asked so many times lately, not really surprising seeing as that was the first ‘adaptation‘ when we found our lovely bungalow. When we moved in, there was a utility room on the back of the kitchen which wasn’t a bad size but was down a rather 6A182F8A-FD75-499F-8940-C9C56E47A597uneven step which made life on crutches and in a wheelchair very difficult, especially when you factor that the actual cooker was also in the utility room making cooking virtually impossible especially on bad pain days. I tried for a while opening the door and shouting instructions to P from my seat by the dining table through the connecting door into the utility room but funnily enough, that didn’t work so well……

So, with builders agreed, the work has started. I say 1091D966-8195-42C6-9E0C-F5087DBB2050started, it’s incredible! They have cracked on big style and the extension is almost up! We’re now just waiting for the lantern roof but we actually have windows!!! To say that we’re excited is a total understatement – I’m a total saddo I know but it’s amazing how hysterical I can get over some breeze blocks, some cement and a couple of muscly men working hard……

The next stage is to knock the wall separating the two rooms down and that will start soon. Because of this, we’ve now had to create our very own ‘camp kitchen‘ in 5DA44E79-38C9-4AB9-B338-FE6533772E91the hall. Now anyone who knew my darling P from his old teaching days know how much of a camping fan he was (😏) but fair play to him, he’s knocked up a really good version with our microwave, toaster and a kettle. The only issue may be if anyone actually wants to visit as there are cutlery drawers on the stairs, vegetable racks on the floor and a fridge in our dressing room!



Pain-wise, it’s been hard, really hard. I am slowly adjusting mentally and emotionally to this disabled life but the ‘don’t push yourself‘ and ‘pacing is key‘ bits just don’t seem to be sinking in, I just cannot sit there and watch someone working. But then when I do, even with my long handled grabber and crutches, I just end up doing too much, stretching too far, trying to bend and then just ending up in agony. The ever wonderful P keeps telling me to stop but I never listen (as always) and I think I can still do everything but then he has to pick up the pieces, get me sorted and carry on all by himself. I saw the Consultant at the Pain Clinic this week and after crying all over him (again…) he thinks that some counselling would help me adjust and I’m seriously thinking about it as this ‘adventure‘ has really brought home to me how limited I am these days.

But with all that said, it’s really coming along well and I cannot wait to have a one level kitchen with all the things I need in the right place, no more needing to bend, stretch or carry things around. I simply cannot wait but for now, it’s back to the ‘kitchen in the hall‘ for a sandwich, a piece of toast, a bagel or a crumpet – basically anything flour based that doesn’t need cooking……..!

(ps. I’ve bought a fabulous Welsh ‘welcome’ mat ready for the new kitchen, whatcha think? 😉 )