My life with chronic pain – A New Year’s reflection…….

New Years Eve 2018

What a year eh? This time last year we were resting our very weary heads in the new forever home, after an 18 month search for the perfect bungalow. Last year I think we were too exhausted to look back and evaluate how the time had gone but looking back now, it’s been an eventful year, lots of downs still health wise but thankfully some ups as well!


Let’s get the bad memories out of the way first….


* The Beast from the East – I’ve never been so cold in my life……

* The building work to create a new kitchen/diner more suited to wheelchair life. A good thing in the end but at the time, living in a building site would never be an ideal place to be

* Health wise – being told at the Pain Clinic that there were no other treatments to be tried and this medication combo was the best they could offer 

The new drug combo then seemed to induce a really low miserable mental state, to such a state, I couldn’t get out of bed but thankfully the counselling suggested by the Pain clinic finally started. 



But there were many highs also…….


* My new kitchen/diner was finally finished! It’s gorgeous and big enough for all the family to sit round the table together! 

* My surprise birthday party – an amazing night full of friends and family!

* My lovely sister got married to a lovely kind man. Always there for me, she deserved a gorgeous day; she looked beautiful and it was a joyous happy day. 

* My counselling began with a really kind therapist who finally got me to open up and actually vocalise my thoughts and fears, not easy with Mrs ‘Closed Up’ here. It has made me think and process things in a completely different way and I’m glad that I decided to give it a go. 

* We spent the time before Christmas decorating and making the old bungalow ours, with our own styles and colour schemes. And really starting to appreciate that we have actually found what we were looking for! 

* My blog continues to grow and I’m so grateful for those wonderful people who take the time and effort to read it and support me. It is a channel to release all my thoughts and ideas and I really enjoy the writing process. 

* Most of all, my wonderful husband, the ever suffering P has throughout the year kept hold tight of my hand; through the good and bad, through the ups and the many downs, has dried the tears, held me up, got me out of bed and put my socks on, all with his usual grace and love and the occasional stupid corny joke! Now if that isn’t love, what is…….?


All in all, as the good Charles Dickens once said, the “it was the worst of times and the best of times” but we’ve survived and we are continuing to look forward to the new year with a smile and a bit of hope in our hearts! 


To you all, I wish you health, happiness and whatever you wish for yourselves. Remember that this New Years Day today is a day like any other and will begin and end the same so please don’t be overawed with it’s gayly painted, fireworks festooned affectation – tomorrow will come again as it always has and give us room and permission to start anew. 


For 2019, I make no resolutions but will just continue to put one metaphorical foot in front of the other and in true Dory style ‘just keep swimming’!!


Just as we always have and just as we will always do, a Happy 2019 to you and much love to you all ❤️💕❤️


sunset hands love woman