Hi, I’m back…..!!

Well, hello my lovely blog reading friends, it’s nice to be back! So where have I been since I saw you all last? We’ve had Christmas, New Year, the whole of January and even February seems to have gone in a flash. To be honest, it was a great start of the year starting off with a wonderful two weeks discovering and exploring Cuba, Costa Rica and Panama.

It gave us such a pick up, some much needed time away in the sun and then once we’d returned, I was ready to write all about it and share all the fun, frolics and food (oh my, such a lot of food…!) with you all. But unfortunately, since then, I think all the exertion, the stress and certainly the pain has worn me out and has culminated in me becoming something of a zombie like figure.

It felt like a huge weight had hit me and all I could do was sleep. Even getting up and trying to watch a film, I was exhausted, if I attempted to get myself sorted and go out, even to regular things, I just couldn’t raise my head and the the most annoying side effects of my medication, the uncontrollable jerking of my hands, arms and legs just wasn’t under control. The sheer exhaustion made it a whole heap worse so anything I touched generally ended up leaping out of my hand and onto the floor. 🤦‍♀️ (poor old P has now invested in a picker-upper, it’s his new favourite thing!)

So actually sitting down and writing was too difficult for a while but for once, I listened to my body and took some time out. I needed to rest, to spend some quiet time and just to stop. Stop rushing, stop fussing and just stop. Give myself some time to mend perhaps.

Chronic pain has no volume button so whilst I can try and manage my life to tone it down as best as I can, sometimes it gets the better of me and I just have to give in. But thankfully this quiet time has now resulted in a much more refreshed and clearer thinking Toplady, I’m pleased to say! I have re-scheduled my appointments, limited them to a more ‘do-able‘ timetable and feel much better for it. And the ‘volume‘ has stayed relatively low, for now anyway………

So, yes, I will be reviewing my last holiday, another cruise ship and yes I’ll yet again be regaling you with all tales of anything else that comes along! I can’t wait to get started……!!

One Reply to “Hi, I’m back…..!!”

  1. Welcome back! Hope you had a great time exploring but I’m sorry it’s hit you hard recently, though perhaps unsurprisingly. Definitely time to listen to your body and pace and rest and all that jazz, as frustrating as it may be. Chronic pain is a chronic pain in the arse, as is fatigue!
    Caz xx

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