Don’t panic…..!!!

In the middle of one of my easier days, I thought I’d do a bit of my internet shopping which then turned to ‘should I get some food in?‘ which then ended up with me on a supermarket web site arranging a delivery slot. (As you do!) I hadn’t realised how difficult that one supposedly simple task could be. Only the one 9-11pm slot available for the next 4/5 days! Thankfully, that was still available so I promptly selected it and then started browsing.

person holding white ceramic mug beside macbook pro


Well, I felt like I’d walked into a metaphorical video on social media with people pushing each other over empty shelves to get to the toilet rolls. Everything in my usual shopping list was ‘out of stock‘, – you could swear that the world is stocking up on custard creams and baked beans! I hadn’t made a choice to not go to the supermarket; I have a quiet few days ahead so I didn’t want to push my luck and do too much but I wasn’t expecting this at all.



As someone who has a chronic, long term condition, it alarmed me. I cannot go to town to do the shopping, so I rely on internet shopping for the bulk of my food. Having seen the empty shelves and full trollies on the tv, I couldn’t believe how far people had gone. Honestly, no one needs to buy 20 bottles of hand sanitiser, we don’t need 10 packets of pasta and we certainly don’t need to buy 160 toilet rolls in one go! 


Stop to think though? Who needs anti-bac more than you?

Well, for a start, people who are wheelchair owners who are now finding themselves having to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to get their hands clean. Or people with suppressed immunities or on chemotherapy who now can’t find the one thing that can help them fight off the germs that could kill them.


People on social media are going mad on this topic.

Spare a thought for my bed ridden dad who has a suppressed immune system”

“I work in a dentist, we can’t get hand wash, anti-bac or face masks anywhere”

A local hospital ” We would ask people NOT to take hand sanitisers and gels from our hospital” (what!)


Are we all going  mad…..?


The Department of Health and Social Care’s advice is still

  • Wash your hands thoroughly 
  • Use soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitiser (if you can find it!)


Plus, I’m sure that the advice will change as the situation is changing fast and there will be more instructions from the Government then. I know we’re all worried but we all must start thinking of others, people everywhere are struggling more than they need to because suddenly their supply of anti-bac and cleaning wipes has disappeared over night. 

So stop worrying about bulk buying baked beans or toilet roll and unless you have a medical need of it, one bottle of hand sanitiser at a time is enough surely………..????