So here we go again….. (another lockdown begins)

So, as the old saying goes, “here we go again“.

A familiar phrase but one heavy with thoughts of loneliness, of loss and of uncertainty. We’ve all been here before but this time, even when it’s on a local level, it’s such a weird feeling. It’s deja vu but in a completely different way.

But last time, we were so unaware of what was to come; 3 weeks would be enough to halt this hitherto unknown virus in its tracks. Some of us rejoiced the idea of a few weeks enforced home time, we were to be ‘on furlough‘ (who knew what that meant before then?) we could finally fix that step, paint that wall, all those jobs we know we have to do but never had the time.

We could work from home; as a disabled woman, I felt that maybe, just maybe the outside world was adjusting itself in a way that was actually benefiting us all as a community; more people around to see and understand our world and that change could happen if the will of the people was there.

Every week, people were smiling at each other when chatting on the front lane, we had a sneaky feeling that whilst we knew this was a serious matter, we couldn’t help silently rejoicing about the fact that we would be able to have a lie in for once and avoid that hideous daily commute for a while. We could actually take our children to the park or to the woods for our allowed hour of exercise, we could walk the dog whenever we wanted and we could take a lunchtime away from our desks for a change. Because yes, working from home WAS possible after all, Zoom calls were suddenly the norm and no one was being made to schlep half way round the country to some big office any more.

But this time around, we know that the optimism of the last lockdown didn’t last. We remember the dread of no supermarket delivery slots for weeks on end, of the queues outside the shops for what felt like hours, being allowed in one at a time, and of the shortages of loo roll and flour.

Here in South Wales, they had been warning us for weeks, numbers were rising, inpatients were increasing and councillors had been pleading with us to do the right thing in official statements on social media. Most of us listened and did everything they asked but still the numbers went up and so, here we were again, in local lockdown, isolated from the other counties once more.

But I’m sorry, this time it’s so different. We were just getting back to some kind of normal, a life with masks, distance and no hugging and this was the last thing we needed or wanted. Hospital admissions, just beginning to be rearranged, are back on stop. Outpatients and hip/knee replacements just cancelled, my pain clinic being an exception with an unexpected change to a telephone appointment that went better than a face to face one (how odd that when not intimidated by a pompous consultant I felt I could confide my thoughts – weird eh….?)

We also know that this time (well we think we do anyway) we have no idea how long it’s going to last. Last time we honestly thought it wouldn’t take long, after all, doesn’t everybody follow the rules? As we found out, no they don’t and the lockdown lasted nearly 5 months. Do we need to shield again? Who knows? No one has advised that yet with the ensuing problems that causes.

But hey, we’ve done it once, we can do it again right?

Of course we can………?

“Forewarned is forearmed” isn’t it?

Of course it is, we know what to do this time, don’t we………?

“A stitch in time saves nine” doesn’t it? (If you didn’t understand that gem, Google it or ask your Gran, that’s how up to date it is…..🤦‍♀️)

Do we have a choice? Nope, so it’s just chin up and keep carrying on, again. Best of luck to you all friends……. 💕