New Year reflections……

As today is the 30th of December and the last of the Christmas visitors have finally gone home, (and in an attempt to avoid having to start taking the decorations down!) I suppose it’s time to reflect on this last year and what has been the thoughts that we’ll carry with us into the new year and decade ahead. It’s certainly been an eventful year with some wonderful memories but also some dreadfully dark times with too many friends lost as well. 

Highlights of this year for us have been……….


  • The wedding of my stepson and his wonderful wife which took place in a magical woodland and filled our hearts with joy…..
  • Taking part in Scope’s “Our lives, Our Journey” research into how disabled people live their lives and view themselves and hopefully changing the way others see them…
  • Continuing to keep my blog going despite bereavement, illness and just sheer ‘fed up-ness’ and being proud to be interviewed by Motability in their ‘Big Event’ in the NEC….

On the subject of my blog, I have managed to write 25 this year, up from 18 last year. Not an enormous number but around 2 a month and given that I never know what my pain levels are going to be from one day to the next, not bad I think?

I am so enormously proud of my blog; I am not a big-headed person but it really does mean so much to me that I can summon the strength and commitment to actually get them written and published. My world changed so suddenly after my spinal fracture, it makes my heart swell to know that I can still contribute to something, even in a small way. When I read the comments and thoughts of the people who have taken the time and trouble to actually read them, it is amazing, It is a real honour that anyone at all would open up my blog and read any of it and I am so grateful to all of you that do.

Our dark times have been too frequent this year though; we have lost 3 good friends who were taken far too early, I’ve also lost ex-pupils and teaching colleagues, my darling P has had the cloud of serious illness above him for most of the year which thankfully cleared with benign results but he now apparently needs a new hip! It never rains eh………??

But in those dark times, we are always looking for a reason that often cannot be found. One stark lesson we have learned this year is that life is what you make of it, is far too short and most of all, is so so precious. And with that in mind, we will continue to travel as much as we can next year, seize every moment that we are granted and just remember how lucky we are. Even with the 5 year anniversary of my last teaching day passing, I am still lucky to be here, still lucky to be in my ‘new’ adapted bungalow, still lucky to be able to travel and see old friends and so, so lucky to still have the love and support of my darling P who is always there, no matter what.

To all of you who take the time to read my posts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’ll never know how much that one small act means to me. I wish you all a Happy New Year. May your days be merry and bright and that they bring something to smile about every day. 

All my love

TopladyTalks 💕 (and P of course! 😘)