My CBD Oil trial aka ‘no Dad, that doesn’t mean I’m on drugs now……..’

I’m a member of a few disability forums and I’m always on the lookout for people’s advice and suggestions of how to cope with their own chronic issues and chronic pain. So when I saw on Chronic Illness Bloggers that a company called Reakiro were asking for people to try their CBD oil, I jumped at the chance.

I was thrilled when the company’s representative Olga, emailed me to say that I sounded like the perfect fit for what she was looking for. I explained my problems with chronic pain following a spinal fracture and we both agreed that trying the 5%CBD oil would be a good first choice. Olga made it perfectly clear that Reakiro made no claims that the #gifted CBD Oil would work on chronic pain, that her company was not a medical one and that she wanted an honest opinion of the product. I completely understood that and with that in mind, we signed off with a cheery thumbs up and I waited for the product to arrive. 

Luckily I didn’t have long to wait and as soon as the item came through the door, I was excited to see exactly what it looked like, tasted like and above all else, if it worked.


The instructions were to drop 5 drops of the oil under the tongue twice a day. “Easy” I thought “how difficult could this be” so I shook the tube, depressed the plunger and dropped the five drops under my tongue. The first thing that I discovered was that my aim wasn’t necessarily perfect when looking in the mirror so I did end up with more drops over my lips than anywhere else  (Mind you, trying to take a selfie whilst trying to drop oil into my mouth didn’t really help…🤦‍♀️)



The next time (sans camera) the aim was a better one thankfully so under my tongue it went and I counted to 60. (whilst singing Happy Birthday three times in my head! 😆)
The thing that I instantly noticed was the taste. Whilst not un-pleasant, there was a distinctive taste/odour to it and if I had to try and describe it to you, I would describe it as ‘woody‘ or ‘earthy‘? As I said before, it wasn’t unpleasant, it was just very different as that’s not the kind of taste that I would normally have in my mouth for obvious reasons. Very quickly I discovered a tip; drop the drops in, wait for a minute (I would normally use this time to cleanse my face or do some other job while I was waiting as singing Happy Birthday soon got a little bit tedious) and then take a small drop of water and ‘swoosh’ it about my mouth à la mouthwash and then the taste was barely distinguishable.



Whilst the instructions suggested twice a day, I found doing the daytime dose tricky to get into my routine as my chronic pain, exhaustion and forgetfulness tend to blindside me and then I would forget but I stuck to the night time dose 100% of the time.

Like all people with chronic pain, sleep is a real problem; pain can often be distracted away during daytime hours but in those “wee small hours of the morning“, pain seems to increase massively as there are no distractions.

For me at night, I would normally take my night time meds around an hour before going to bed then I would read/colour/scroll through Facebook/play Candy Crush/all of these combined for hours until I felt so tired that I would fall asleep. So it was great to find that after around a week, I noticed that my night time routine was becoming more “normal”?


I was actually tired. 

I was actually tired enough to feel my head drooping soon after picking up my iPad……


This was a definite change – a very, very, welcome one. And as I’ve continued to take it at night, this has continued also so I’m really pleased that there’s been such a positive outcome. 

As for any other benefits and improvements, I thought the best person to ask was my ever present darling P. He’s the one person who sees me day in day out and could give an honest opinion on whether the CBD oil had helped with other things like my mood or my anxiety. 

He commented in his own unique way “you’re definitely less moody, and you’re not flying off the handle as often as usual!” (Bless him, he’s such a joker 😤😆) so I assume that means that my mood swings and my anxiety have improved and to be honest I do actually feel like they have.


Am I going to carry on taking it? Yes, I think I will and when this bottle is empty, I think I will notch up the CBD level and try a higher percentage oil to see if that might ‘improve the improvement‘ as it were? 

So what would I say in overall summing up of my trial with CBD oil? Well, I would say that I would definitely recommend anyone with chronic pain or chronic illness to give it a go. I can’t guarantee that it’ll give you the same results but when you’re living with chronic pain, you’re always looking for something to help and if you haven’t tried it yet, why not give it a try. 

I didn’t have any negative side-effects at all, I never felt woozy or ‘high” and I do feel that it has helped me. A definite positive and beneficial outcome! 




Many thanks to the kind people at Reakiro for gifting me this product. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this trial.

If you would like to try some of Reakiro’s products for yourselves, click on the link below! 👍☺️ (affiliate link)